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Group News

The Johnson Lab took their annual sailing trip this week. We had beautiful weather and some great wind! As always, thanks to Gary for captaining another awesome trip!

The Johnson Lab gave tours of their lab to groups of Pathways Summer students taking a spectroscopy class at Yale University.


The group welcomes Prof. Antonio Brathwaite from the University of the Virgin Islands. Antonio will be working with us for the next two months.

Mark gives a plenary lecture at the Bunsentagung in Bochum on the lab's work in microsolvation.

Joe Fournier receives the Richard Wolfgang Prize, awarded annually by the Department of Chemistry to those students who have submitted outstanding doctoral theses.  Joe will begin a post-doc with Andrei Tokmakoff's group at UChicago this summer.  Congratulations Joe!

The Johnson Lab gave lab tours and held demos for New Haven area students as part of the Yale Chemistry Pathways outreach program. The also participated as judges for the New Haven Science Fair for K-12 students.


Mark gives the Student Invited McElvain Lecture (Physical Division) at the University of Wisconsin. Joe DePalma visits with the Tim Bertram and Gil Nathanson groups at UW to learn how to handle N2O5 chemistry for the CAICE work on aerosol chemistry.

Conrad, Olga, Patrick, Steph, and Fabian attend the Gaseous Ions Gordon Research Conference in Galveston, TX, which was chaired by Mark.

First year graduate students Joanna Denton and Chinh Duong join the group.  Welcome Joanna and Chinh!

Mark gives the student-invited lecture (analytical division) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The group enjoys awesome fresh powder at the annual Stratton ski retreat!

Mark gives the PittCon Lectures at Duquesne University.

Our patent on "Use of Cryogenic Ion Chemistry to Add a Structural Characterization Capability to Mass Spectrometry Through Linear Action Spectroscopy” has been officially issued (USPTO# 8,890,059)

Congratulations to Steph and Patrick on passing their Fall Oral exams.