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Group News

The Johnson lab loved having Thomas Niemann and Anne Strate (from Ralf Ludwig's group at the Universität Rostock) joining the lab to look at the behaviors of functionalized ionic liquid clusters the past couple of months!

The Johnson Lab was reunited with some alumni and old friends at the Gaseous Ions GRC in Ventura, CA last week! Always good to catch up with some familiar faces! photo credit: Mike Duncan


Recent work by the Johnson Lab on the Grotthuss mechanism has been highlighted in both the Japanese journal Kagaku (translated: Chemistry) and on the NSF homepage for News from the Field. The DOE Basic Energy Sciences also highlighted some of the lab's recent work on the accomodation of an excess proton in size-selective water clusters.

Taking advantage of the beautiful February weather in Ojai, CA by spending the afternoon golfing during the Gaseous Ions GRC last week!

(left to right: Ryan Julian, Mike Bowers, Gary Weddle, Mark Johnson, Mike Duncan)

The Johnson Lab had a great time at the Gaseous Ions GRS and GRC in Ventura, CA last week. Olga gave a talk at the GRS on hydrogen bonding in small water systems, Steph gave a talk at the GRC on small molecule activation by exploiting the open coordination site of a nickel compound, which she was selected to give after winning one of the two best posters at the conference, and Mark gave a talk at the GRC on the anharmonic breadth of hydrogen bonded systems.


Congratulations to Jude Kelley (Ph.D. 2002) who's work on detection of homemade explosives has been chosen for MIT Lincoln Lab’s “Best Invention” award this year!

The Johnson lab had a blast on their annual ski trip at Stratton this month! There was fresh powder, beautiful sun, incredible skiing and no broken bones!

Many thanks to Dean Guyer for stopping by to rehab our lasers! Thanks for sticking it out even after a short trip to the ER - next time you stop by we'll make sure that you wear the new "Dean" helmet the whole time!


The Johnson Lab was recently highlighted in Yale News for their recent publication in Science about the Grotthuss Mechanism. The perspective for the paper goes into detail about this proton relay in bulk water and its importance.


Mark gave the Malcolm Dole Lectures at Northwestern, following John Tully and John Fenn in this Yale tradition. Special thanks to Elad Harel for hosting!

Olga represented the Johnson Lab by giving a great talk at the Yale Chemistry Symposium!

Second year graduate student Helen Zeng joins the group.  Welcome Helen!

The Johnson Lab is excited to broaden their horizons with their new UV-Vis laser and the fun colors that it generates!