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Group News

Over the past couple of months, the Johnson lab has made some pretty major strides in the lab!

Our next generation machine, dubbed "the mini-machine" has come on-line. Even at a fraction of the size of our other instruments, the mini-machine can get down to comprable pressures and has great mass spec resolution, proving that "bigger isn't always better"! The mini-machine has also been used to test new capabilities, including a new way to record both mass and vibrational spectra using a PicoScope which allows us to bypass our old LeCroy o-scopes and boxcars.

T2 has also had some big changes recently. A second retro-reflectron was added to the back of the machine in order to give T2 double resonance capabilities. Additionally, one of our old imagers has been reinstalled onto the end of T2 and is now used to image the ion beam after it passes through the length of the machine. It makes it readily apparent how much the enizel lenses and deflectors affect the beam's trajectory!

Not to be left out, Tinman has also gotten a new capability! A make-shift glove box has been added to the front end in order to better store and prepare air sensative samples. 

The group went on their annual ski retreat to Stratton last week. Despite some icy skiing on the first day, they all had a blast!

National Academy of Science 2014 inductees Mark Johnson (center) and Marcia Johnson (right) meet up at National Academy Reception in Washington, D.C. along with Mark's wife Suna (left).

Congratulations to Fabian and Steph who were chosen to give talks at the Molecular & Ionic Clusters Gordon Research Conference and Seminar (respectively) in Ventura, CA in January 2016! Another big congratulations to Olga for being the co-chair at the MIC GRS!

Mark gave the Nieuwland Lectures at the University of Notre Dame (three of them!), and had a chance to catch up with group alum Erica Price.

Mark gives the Harry Gunning Lectures (three of 'em!) at The University of Alberta.  Special thanks to Yunjie Xu and Wolfgang Jaeger for hosting!

After much hard work, we finally were successful in our attempts to capture and spectroscopically characterize CO2 activation! Our first small molecule activation paper was just accepted in Ang. Chem. Int. Ed. 

The Johnson Lab took their annual sailing trip this week. We had beautiful weather and some great wind! As always, thanks to Gary for captaining another awesome trip!

The Johnson Lab gave tours of their lab to groups of Pathways Summer students taking a spectroscopy class at Yale University.


The group welcomes Prof. Antonio Brathwaite from the University of the Virgin Islands. Antonio will be working with us for the next two months.

Mark gives a plenary lecture at the Bunsentagung in Bochum on the lab's work in microsolvation.

Joe Fournier receives the Richard Wolfgang Prize, awarded annually by the Department of Chemistry to those students who have submitted outstanding doctoral theses.  Joe will begin a post-doc with Andrei Tokmakoff's group at UChicago this summer.  Congratulations Joe!

The Johnson Lab gave lab tours and held demos for New Haven area students as part of the Yale Chemistry Pathways outreach program. The also participated as judges for the New Haven Science Fair for K-12 students.