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Curriculum Vitae

Professor Mark A. Johnson

 Arthur T. Kemp
 Professor of Chemistry, 
 Yale University
 (203) 432-5226 





Professional Background:

1977 B.S. University of California-Berkeley
1983 Ph.D. Stanford University (with Richard Zare)
1983-1985 Post-Doctoral Associate, JILA and U. Colorado, Boulder (with Carl Lineberger)
1985 Joined Yale Faculty
1987 NSF Presidential Young Investigator
1990 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar
1999 Fellow, American Physical Society
2001 Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (J.S.P.S)
2005 Fellow, AAAS
2006 APS Earle K. Pyler Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy
2007 Yale College Dylan Hixon '88 Prize for Teaching Excellence in the Natural Sciences
2007-2008 Chairman of the APS Division of Laser Sciencce (DLS)
2008 Yale Science and Engineering Association Award for Basic Science
2009 Elected, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2010 Senior Editor, Annual Review of Physical Chemistry
2010 Program Chair, PHYS Division ACS National Meetings, San Francisco and Boston
2010 Elected, Fellow of the ACS
2012 Humboldt Senior Research Award
2014 ACS Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics
2014 Elected Member, National Academy of Science
2015 Gordon Conference Chair on Gaseous Ions
2016 ACS Symposium Co-Chair (with Zlatko Bacic) in San Diego for Anharmonicity in Floppy Systems
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