About Our Group:

We design, build and exploit new types of instruments that provide qualitatively new pictures of how chemical reactions occur. By coupling mass-selective vibrational spectroscopy with cryogenic ion processing, we are able to study a wide variety of chemical phenomena, including small molecule activation, gas-liquid interfacial chemistry, and intracluster hydrogen bonding.


August 6, 2021
We are very excited to report that Anna Rullan Buxo won an undergraduate student travel award to present her poster at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry annual...
July 15, 2021
Sean and Santino gave a lab tour and research overview to a packed crowd for Yale Pathways to Science  participants over Zoom. Looking good, guys!
July 6, 2021
Yale lifts mask-wearing requirement for fully vaccinated individuals! This means the group room is being re-populated and presentations going back on the big screen. Seen...

Selected Publications:

Deconstructing Water’s Diffuse OH Stretching Vibrational Spectrum with Cold Clusters

Spectroscopic Snapshots of the Proton-transfer Mechanism in Water

Capture of CO2 by a Cationic NiI Complex in the Gas Phase and Characterization of the Bound Activated CO2 Molecule through Cryogenic Ion Vibrational Predissociation Spectroscopy

Vibrational spectral signature of the proton defect in the three-dimensional H+(H2O)21 cluster

Modes of Activation of Organometallic Iridium Complexes for Catalytic Water and C-H Oxidation