About Our Group:

We design, build and exploit new types of instruments that provide qualitatively new pictures of how chemical reactions occur. By coupling mass-selective vibrational spectroscopy with cryogenic ion processing, we are able to study a wide variety of chemical phenomena, including small molecule activation, gas-liquid interfacial chemistry, and intracluster hydrogen bonding.


June 26, 2018
We have some exciting announcements for the month of June:    We welcome our new graduate students, Sayoni Mitra and Anton Lachowicz, and are excited to have them on board...
May 29, 2018
Congrats to Patrick, Olga and Steph on their graduation this month!!
May 28, 2018
Fabian and Joanna traveled out to San Diego this May for the 2018 CAICE annual meeting! Here they are with other members of the collaborative group in front of UCSD’s...

Selected Publications:

Spectroscopic Snapshots of the Proton-transfer Mechanism in Water

Capture of CO2 by a Cationic NiI Complex in the Gas Phase and Characterization of the Bound Activated CO2 Molecule through Cryogenic Ion Vibrational Predissociation Spectroscopy

Modes of Activation of Organometallic Iridium Complexes for Catalytic Water and C-H Oxidation

Vibrational spectral signature of the proton defect in the three-dimensional H+(H2O)21 cluster