Collaboration with Ralf Ludwig Featured in the University of Rostock News

June 2018:

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24th Annual New Haven Science Fair

May 2018:

Members of the Johnson lab served as judges this month at the 24th Annual New Haven Science Fair! They were able to talk to local students, grades Pre-K through 12, about the science projects they had worked on throughout the past school year. We were able to learn all about their work ranging over a wide variety of topics, including solar ovens, a comparison of the friction of different surfaces, the purification of water using the sun, and how lift and drag effected helicopters.

2017 New Haven Science Fair

May 2017:

Members of the Johnson Lab served as judges at the 23rd annual New Haven Science Fair, for students K-12 in the New Haven area. They  learned all about the projects these young scientists were doing, including exploring magnetism, electricity and exploring renewable energy!

2017 CAICE demo at Yale Science Saturday

April 2017:

The Johnson Lab gave a CAICE demo at Yale Science Saturday for New Haven area students and the general public this weekend. They looked at ions in rainwater, detecting them with a salt-water circuit set-up. We had fun!

2016 Demo for Yale Chemistry Pathways Program

May 2016:

The Johnson Lab held demos for New Haven area students as part of the Yale Chemistry Pathways outreach program. They learned about atmospheric and oceanic chemistry and how that impacts the earths’ climate. Mark also showed students around the lab to show them what a working pchem lab looks like!

Several Johnson Lab members also served as judges for the 22nd Annual New Haven Science fair for K-12 students in the New Haven area, where they saw some pretty interesting and promising projects from local 5th graders.

2015 Tour for Yale Pathway Summer Program

July 2015:

The Johnson Lab gave lab tours to New Haven area high school students participating in the Yale Pathways Summer Program as part of their spectroscopy class led by Prof. Ziad Ganim.

2015 Demo for Chemistry Pathways Program

May 2015:

The Johnson Lab gave lab tours and held demos for New Haven area students as part of the Yale Chemistry Pathways outreach program. They learned about atmospheric and oceanic chemistry and how that impacts the earths’ climate. The also participated as judges for the New Haven Science Fair for K-12 students.

"The Wild World of Electrified Water" Lecture

May 2013:

On May 18th, Professor Johnson gave a public lecture titled “The Wild World of Electrified Water” for the Tilde Cafe series of lectures. In it, he touches on the origins of electrospray ionization and the basic physical principals involved in bringing large molecular assemblies out of solution and into the gas phase.

2013 Yale Pathways to Science Event

April 2013:

The Johnson Lab welcomed over fifty elementary through high school students for the Yale Pathways to Science event. We introduced the students to the basics of electrospray ionization, and how we utilize electricity to trap and manipulate ions.

The Electrospray Ionization Technique

September 2012:

Electrospray ionization is a technique developed to extract ions of interest directly from solution. It was developed by John Fenn (originally at Yale University, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002). The technique is used in countless mass spectrometers today to study a wide range of molecules, from metal centered catalysts to intact proteins. In the clip below, you can watch an electrospray plume, or “Taylor Cone” form by holding the tip of a syringe at high voltage (around 3000 Volts!).

This movie focuses on an ethanol droplet cloud chamber. By saturating a glass chamber with ethanol vapor and cooling it with dry ice, a visible cloud of ethanol droplets forms. The striking result is the visualization of thousands of streaks through the clouds in every direction. These streaks are induced by cosmic radiation penetrating the cloud from every direction and seeding the formation of a streak of droplets. We are being pummeled with these cosmic rays everywhere we go!