April 26, 2024
Erica Bocanegra, second year in the JLab, received an honorable mention from NSF on her application for a graduate fellowship!
April 26, 2024
JLab past and present reunited at the Molecular and Ionic Clusters GRC in Ventura, CA! Payten gave a talk at the GRS on her ionic liquid research. Liv, Payten, James, and...
April 26, 2024
Payten attended the APS March 2024 and ACS Spring 2024 National Meetings! She gave a talk at the “Hydrogen Bonding Interactions and Dynamics: A Partnership Between Experiment...
February 29, 2024
Following an “as is” publication in JPCL, the JLab crew was chosen for a supplementary cover as pictured. Captioned: “It was the kind of ultracold night where buffer gas ice...
December 11, 2023
The JLab crew reunited for Thien and Adam’s beautiful wedding! Great to see the crew all dressed up