Gaseous Ions GRS and GRC 2019

Publication Date: 
April 19, 2019

The Johnson Lab had a great time at the Gaseous Ions GRS and GRC in February at Ventura, CA. Nan gave talks at both the GRS and GRC (hot topic) with the title “Spying on the Mechanics of the Air-Water Interface with Isotopomer-selective, Cryogenic Vibrational Spectroscopy”, and won the Best Poster Prize for a Ph.D. In addition, Dr. Anthony Cirri from Chris Johnson’s group at Stony Brook awarded the Best Poster Prize for a Post-Doc, making it a “clean sweep” for the J-lab! Helen served as the discussion leader at the GRS for the “Gaseous Ions in the Forms of Droplets and Biomolecules” session. Sayoni was elected as the co-chair for the next GRS. Nan, Helen, Evan, Anton and Sayoni all presented posters, while Gary and Mark chatted with group alums Mathias Weber (JILA) and Chris Johnson (Stony Brook).